HeatingProjects08/01/2019by thermalair0Alan Bartlett Warehouse Installation

Our customer Alan Bartlett & Sons needed to improve the heating in their large warehouse and picking areas.

This may seem a simple requirement but it was complicated by these factors:

  • The picking area had to remain operational while we were working, so significant Health and Safety issues had to be overcome.
  • The oil pump lines were very long, and a customized oil pump had to be installed to reach the oil burners.
  • Flue routes needed careful planning to avoid solar panels installed on the roof

After detailed analysis of the requirements, our quote for the work beat off stiff competition from other suppliers. The project was completed on time and within budget. As you can see from the pictures, our installation was neat and tidy!

We are pleased to say we have had follow up work from engineering Manager Robin Allebone, performing servicing of the other heating equipment on the premises.

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