PlumbingProjects08/01/2018by thermalair0Arla Foods Refrigeration Condensor Project

Whilst carrying out routine maintenance at Arla Foods, we made the client aware that their ageing Friga-Bohn condensers were reaching the end of their life and it would be prudent to replace them before they failed completely.

As a critical item in their production process, it was vital that a failure never happened. Arla produce milk and cream and these need to be kept at strictly controlled temperatures.

One of the things we made Arla aware of is that condenser technology has moved on since the original condensers were installed. We recommended that an option to consider was the inclusion of a pressure control panel. The benefits being:-

  • As temperatures drop at night time it allows for the fans to be run at a lower speed. This lowers the noise of the unit and also lowers the running costs.
  • Daytime temperatures will generally be lower than 35oC ambient throughout the year, thus the fans will run at a lower speed than full speed.
  • The pressure sensor sends a 0-10 volt signal to the control panel which subsequently adjusts the fan speeds automatically to deal with changes in conditions.

As an energy saving option Arla were happy to proceed with our recommendations.

Given the go-ahead, Thermalair set about putting together a programme to replace the units without causing disruption to Arla. Thermalair and Arla worked together during the planning process, which involved setting a date which suited the client. In addition we worked with a supplier of temporary cooling so that when the original condensers were decommissioned a source of temporary cooling was already in place.

Another issue to overcome was that the condensors were located in the middle of the roof of the high level building and a crane was required to lift off and lift on. To minimise the cost of crane hire, Thermalair came up with a work schedule so that all the lifting work was carried out in less than a day. Despite poor weather, Thermalair achieved this objective.

From decommissioning through to installation of the new condensers, Thermalair were constantly on site ensuring all aspects of the plan came together. As a result of detailed planning, the whole job went very smoothly, as expected, and was completed within a week.

The client is delighted with how the project went and the new condensers are now operating and chilling the relevant areas much more efficiently and with a lower power consumption.

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