Plumbing08/02/2019by thermalair0Gas Safety Certificate for Landlords

It is the responsibility of the Landlord to take care of their properties and maintain them effectively. They are legally accountable for making sure essential servicing and repairs are being done. The landlord will have to ensure that no problems are occurring in the electrical, hot water, heating as well as renewable energy systems. It will also ensure that the life of these systems is extended when given proper maintenance and would also keep the running cost of them low. In regard to legal responsibility and lesser breakdown systems, both the landlord and tenant will get the most out of maintenance and regular safety checks.

Proper maintenance also ensures that safety is not being compromised. It is important that annual gas and electricity checks are carried out. Why is gas safety so important? Landlords are legally responsible for ensuring that any gas appliances or flues that are being used in the house or property are regularly checked for any potential concerns. If landlords ignore this duty, a lot of problems can occur. The possible problems include:

  • leakage of the gas supply pipe work that is running through the house/property
  • the gas appliances not having enough ventilation
  • the gas appliances not being in good working order
  • the safety device part of the appliances not working properly and causing potential harm
  • the gas flues not working safely or suitably

If these gas safety checks are not in place, it will have severe consequences. It will not only add to the legal liabilities of the landlord but the tenant can face harm or damage in his own home or office. The landlord is therefore responsible for carrying out these safety checks once a year to ensure all gas appliances and flues are safe to use. They don’t just have to do gas safety checks but electrical checks as well. All the appliances provided should be safe and meet the requirements of the European Law. Besides that all the electrical systems on your property should be safe to use as well.

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