Building MaintenanceProjects12/01/2018by thermalair0Hatcher Components Gas Pipe Replacement

This particular project for Hatcher Components was to replace the old rusty oil pipe work that supplied the two floor standing heaters in the workshop, and to install new copper oil pipe work to the outdoor burner with housing for the new paint spray booth production line, which was to work alongside the existing heating system where we had replaced the tired and rather rusty pipework.

We advised the customer that in order to get the maximum heat input to the new production line we would need to replace the old rusty pipe work to the existing heating system, as the heating system needs to be efficient as an integral part of the overall production line scheme.

Installing new pipe work of this nature in the cold winter months is certainly a task in itself, and this also involved making room by taking down the restrictive foliage along the route of the pipe line. Not an enviable task given the temperatures, but absolutely necessary for completing a high quality and professional job.

Thermalair were able to deliver a first-class service from start to finish in terms of meeting deadlines coinciding with the start date of the production line, and within the allocated budget for the project. Our client was extremely happy with the value for money they received on this project.

To recap on this extensive project, we would suggest… ‘A prompt site visit, expert recommendations from our skilled engineers, a competitive detailed quotation, a professional and successful installation, all conducted within a tight time frame – and of course, a very happy client!’

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