HeatingProjects09/01/2018by thermalair0St. Peter’s Church Heating Installation

Project Overview

St Peter’s Church in Bury St Edmunds is built in a traditional style from flint and brick. The heating system it had was a gas system which was no longer efficient and had become unreliable.

 The requirement was to come up with a heating solution that stayed with the current warm-air design but was able to fit into the small space that the current hearting units occupied.


We proposed to replace the old horizontal-discharge heaters with a new-generation system with a vertically-downwards airflow. We suggested Reznor manufactured units, they are ‘room-sealed’, have a much better-operating efficiency and therefore reduced energy consumption.


The work was successfully completed despite the significant challenges due to space constraints and access issues. Further benefits were seen in the running costs. Furthermore, it simplified and reduced the ductwork considerably and had a much smaller footprint, giving better access to the heating system itself.

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