Projectsby thermalair0Denny Bros Compressor Installation

Project Overview

Denny Bros, Bury St Edmunds requested a proposal from Thermalair; an issue had been identified where a compression system was overheating in summer months causing internal damage to the compressor.


Our proposal consisted of a system designed to divert heat away from the area. We suggested that fitting a discharge duct on top of the compressor which would raise up vertical slightly offsetting the roofing purling and was to be fitted through the canopy with a 90-degree bend and bird beak with mesh to discharge the heat away.

There was a secondary issue; the compressor was sighted near a bank of air conditioning condensers, also creating heat. We proposed a manual damper with specific adjustable settings for winter and summer months to heat to be extracted away.


Thermalair was able to complete the work, ensuring the longevity of the compressor system. Also, the manual damper system was successful in managing the situation with the air conditioning condensers.

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