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A/C Installation

We pride ourselves on hassle-free installations offering our customers excellent service.

Our engineers are skilled in choosing the right A/C systems for your building. We calculate what you require and offer you options for achieving the overall cooling goal.

A/C Maintenance

Service contracts and service visits.

Systems require maintenance and health checks, we provide this via service contracts and requested service visits. We can tailor contracts to meet your needs and budgets, and carry out the checks you need to limit downtime and keep your systems running.

How to Decide Between New HVAC System Quotes

Courtesy may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to the HVAC industry, but for us, it's one of the most important tools we carry.
What system is right for me?

At Thermalair, we have a wealth of experience in choosing the right HVAC system for our customers; from ensuring the system is compatible with the current infrastructure of ductwork to assisting customers in making decisions about the existing heating system, and how to ensure it works efficiently with the new system. Choosing the right air-condition unit is vital, from the footprint of the unit both in terms of size, power and efficiency levels. We make it our mission to show you the available options and the features and benefits the different systems on offer.

What HVAC add-ons do I need?

There are a variety of add-ons you can have for your HVAC system, and at Thermalair we are equipped to advise you fully on them. A few examples are: Air purifiers to gain a higher level of filtration for airborne particles. Dehumidifiers that draw moisture from the air to help you to feel cooler in warmer months. Smart Thermostats come packed with useful features giving you greater control of your system, offering efficiency and programmability ensuring you get the most out of your system.

What size HVAC system do I need?

A home with a 1600 square foot area to be cooled would require 4.0 tons of air-conditioning, your HVAC units would need to remove around 4.0X12,000 BTUs (48,000 BTUs) per hour to efficiently cool your home.

Thermalair are experts in calculating the cooling and heating needs as per the size of the area being cooled and the best options to meeting the customer requirements.

What is better: gas, electric, or oil?

Gas and oil heating relies on fuel combustion, this runs a higher risk of the release of carbon monoxide, this in turn can lead to health risks.

Electric heat is a much cleaner form of heat. Also with modern systems, which are built to be efficient and can be run by Smart Thermostats, the overall energy footprint of the system can be optimally structured, offering customers safe and cost effective solutions.

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