ProjectsVentilation01/01/2019by thermalair0Anderson Group Ventilation Installation

Project Overview

This project was to install an entirely new ventilation system in a newly built specialist school in Chigwell (Anderson Group). The system was required to deliver warmth in colder months, and fresh filtered air continuously. The goal was also to improve the indoor air quality reducing dust and allergen levels. An additional cooling system was also required for the IT server and switch rooms.

The project was required for completion within a tight timescale, this required working alongside the building team and overseeing the installation of the large units by crane.


We proposed a number of Nuaire handling units, utilising a system of indoor ceiling units connected to outdoor units via ductwork.

For the cooling requirement in the IT suites, we recommended Daikin wall-mounted systems. A 7-year warranty is offered on all equipment provided.


Thermalair was able to fully complete the work well within the deadline, with no return visits required. Following the installation, a full maintenance agreement was established to ensure system uptime and efficiency throughout the year.

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